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The EV Sip & Sew Party is the perfect "Girl's Night In!" Get together with some of your best friends and learn a lifelong skill. 

S I P & S E W Frequently Asked Questions

What inspired you to start doing Sip & Sew events?

The Sip & Sew Parties began a few years after I started my own business teaching girls ages 8-14 how to sew. Sewing is a great passion of mine, I am always looking to share my skills with people, no matter what age they are. Four years ago during one of my sewing camps, a few mothers requested sewing lessons for themselves. A week later, we gathered around a table in my parents’ basement and I taught them how to sew over a few cups of coffee. Little did I know, this event would slowly evolve into a key component of my business model – Sip & Sew! Eventually the coffee was replaced with wine, making it the perfect “Girl’s Night In.” From there, parties evolved into themed events around the holidays, bachelorette activities, and more. It is a unique way to get some friends together to acquire a lifelong skill. 

What kind of equipment should a hostess have on hand?

I provide all equipment for the sewing portion of the party. It can be daunting for someone who has never sewn before to even turn on a sewing machine, and I would never want to limit anyone from trying something new. All supplies and materials such as machinery, fabric, trims, thread, and scissors are included. The hostess is responsible for providing a room in their home for the sewing machines to be set up, preferably on a table near outlets.  

Do you recommend that everyone invited have the same skill level?

Absolutely not! Different levels of experience can make this party interactive and fun. Whether or not members of the group are experienced in sewing, the party can be fun for anyone no matter the skill level. I adjust my instruction to meet the needs of each individual in the group, ensuring they are confident and proud of their project. The goal is for everyone to leave the event feeling accomplished. 

What kinds of projects do you recommend for these kinds of parties?

I love working with my clients to come up with a project that they’re excited about. A few of my favorites are home décor projects such as: a set of embellished cocktail napkins, kitchen towels, or more apparel-based projects such as a cozy scarf or a cute top. At themed parties where we celebrate life milestones such as a bridal or baby shower, we can create unique items such as a swaddle blanket for a baby or a cosmetic case for a bachelorette party. 

What’s your favorite thing about throwing this kind of party?

One of the best parts about throwing a Sip & Sew is watching everyone come together to learn a lifelong skill while creating something beautiful. Sewing is usually something you do on your own, but when you sew in a social setting it becomes something bigger. Sip & Sew gatherings provide value and meaning to these women because they are learning a lifelong skill – and they’re learning it together.

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